Ways To Stop Pathetic Divorce In Your Marriage

Stop DivorceHealthy Relationships California is curious about the high graphic of divorce nowadays. So, they make a research about it.

A surprising number appears as the result of the research. It is only 55% of couples who feel happy with their marriages and stay committed with their wedding vows. The rest are not really happy with their decision to get married and prefer to get a divorce.

This is quite worrying. But for you who want to avoid and stop divorce, you can try following these ways to keep your marriage:

Equal Responsibilities on Household Duties

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Household duties are always done by wives. Because husbands are already working outside, sometimes they do not feel the need to help their wives to do the household duties. In certain conditions, wives are aware that their husbands are already tired to do household duties. But deep inside, they truly want to be helped.

So, it will be better if both husbands and wives should have equal responsibilities when it comes to household duties, including taking care of the kids. Being more open about it. There is nothing wrong to ask for help if you feel tired to do the household duties.

Talk and Listen Positively

Listening to each other is a must if you want to stop divorce. Listening to each other is also beneficial in knowing more about your spouse’s personalities, needs, vision, passions, and more. You will know more about them. Moreover, listening and talking positively will prevent misunderstanding; one of the reasons that can make a married life in danger.

Try to talk more about positive things to your spouse. You can praise them and support them with positive words so that the atmosphere in your household is positive as well.

Learn from the Previous Mistakes

Once you and your spouse have expressed your feelings and needs, now try to think about the mistakes that you and your spouse have done. Learn from the mistakes and improve yourself to be a better person in order to maintain your marriage.

You must remember that you and your spouse should be a better couple in the future for your kids and the marriage itself, instead of being stuck with the current situation.

Learn to Forgive and Forget

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We can unintentionally hurt another person, including our spouses. So, if you hurt or being hurt, sit down with your spouse and talk about your hurt feeling. Tell them how you are hurt and do not want them to do it again.

Express your feelings calmly, without any anger. By doing this, you will be able to understand and appreciate your spouse’s feelings more. After that, you and your spouse need to forgive each other and forget the wound.

What is the point of forgiving without forgetting anyway? It will only make you hold grudges. Moreover, it is possible that the wounds happen because of misunderstanding or misinterpretation.

Trust Each Other

Trust is also essential in marriage and any kinds of relationship. You and your spouse need to keep trust between each other. You have to believe that every problem has a solution and every mistake is possible to be fixed. Change all of your negative thoughts into positive ones in order to make you a better and more peaceful person.

Conclusion on How to Stop Divorce in Your Marriage

It is indeed not easy to do those things mentioned above in order to stop divorce and avoid broken marriage. But you have to put a lot of effort with your spouse to do it in order to maintain what you have built together. You have to believe that you and your spouse can be a strong couple to maintain your marriage and keep it only once in a lifetime.

For more ways to stop pathetic divorce in your marriage, I recommend you to click the image below:

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