How To Save A Relationship: Learning How To Mend Things Up

Being in a relationship can be tricky. On one side, it can make you go up to cloud nine, but on the other side, it can sink you until you hit rock bottom. If you feel that your relationship is a bit wobbly, and you have dealt with internal problems all over these years, there are some ways on how to save a relationship.

Of course, you need to re-examine the relationship and how everything has been going on, but there are significant steps to take, so the process can go easier and simpler.


how to save a relationship

The first thing that you can do in the process on how to save a relationship is to reflect. Think hard and carefully about how your relationship can go sideways. What is wrong with it? What things affect the relationship?

As you know, several things may affect and change your relationship. For example, you or your partner is unfaithful. Or maybe one side has lost an important aspect of his/her life, such as a job, a family member, a property, etc. that impacts the dynamic of the relationship.

It is also possible that there are a series of events that lead to the relationship change. Both of you may be busy and stressed from work, the romance and the spark have somehow been lost, and both of you simply don’t have the time for each other anymore.

You can do with when you have your own private and peacetime. You can do it while walking at the park, enjoying the sunset, or writing within your journal. Be thorough and honest about it.

The process may be painful, but such truth is necessary if you want to have an honest relationship. Do this before you talk with your partner.

Be Honest

how to save a relationship

The second thing is to have an honest and open conversation with your partner. Oftentimes, couples grow apart because they don’t have solid communication. If it happens to you, try to bridge the gap.

Both of you need to sit down and talk about things openly. Be sure that you choose the right time and place to do it, and it is better that you do it privately without other listening ears.

Let your partner talk about the things that may have gone wrong, and you can agree or disagree about it. And be sure to be methodical as well. Talking about things that have gone wrong can be painful because it may be yours or your partner’s fault, but be sure to include it too.

As the relationship grows older, couples tend to stop sharing details of their lives or their feelings. It’s time for you to start again. Be honest and open about all the things, even the smallest details that may seem unimportant to hear.

Don’t share only the positive aspects, but also share the negative elements. The important element on how to save a relationship is to include your partner into your life again, and it means that you should share most of the things happening to you.

After talking about all the reasons that may damage your relationship, it is time to decide whether it is worth fixing. Sometimes, ending up a relationship isn’t a wrong or bad move at all, as long as the reasons support it.

For example, if your partner is cheating, and you feel that you can’t trust him anymore, it is a good reason to end up the relationship. After all, what’s the point of having a relationship when you can’t trust your partner anymore?

Come with Plans

how to save a relationship

The third way on how to save a relationship is to come with plans together. It takes two to tango, and you can’t do it on your own. If you and your partner want to make a commitment together to save the relationship, you need to come up with plans that both of you can work together.

If you have felt that you have done everything to save the relationship and yet it doesn’t work, then your sole attempt clearly fails. It’s time for you to work on things together.

Decide together, whether you want to consult a relationship counselor. Such counselor can work well for a damaged relationship.

However, some couples may think that the counselor’s assistance isn’t necessary. Make time to deal with your relationship. If you want to save your relationship, such efforts are truly worth it.

Another good way to view the future of your relationship is to see whether you can live a life without your partner. See your future and imagine having your partner in or out of the picture.

If you can live your life, and you are okay with his/her absence, then this relationship may not suit you the best. But if you can’t live without him/her, it is best to work things out to achieve the perfect result.

Saving a relationship may not be easy, but if both of you mean it, you can always help each other to finally find that passion again.

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