Signs To Spot That You Are In A Bad Marriage

When your relationship has hit rock bottom, and you experience the so-called bad marriage, know the signs that it is time to move on and start a new leaf. Bad marriage won’t only take a toll on your interaction with another individual, but also your mental health.

One marriage is different from the others, and sometimes the solutions are different as well. But as soon as one side starts to close the door to communication and discussion, your relationship is basically on the brink of destruction.

There are some clear signs where your relationship is damaged and beyond repair. Be sure you know the signs of a bad marriage, so you won’t have to suffer continuously.

Start Staying Away from Each Other

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When you start going separate ways or being disconnected from one another, it is the first clear sign of a bad marriage. Each person is unique, and just because you are married, it doesn’t mean that you should always stick together as if an invisible exists between the two of you.

However, having a partner means that you can enjoy your time being together. Both of you can do the things you like or the things that your partner’s likes, or both.

When you start spending most of your time alone and doing all the things you like without your partner’s accompaniment – and your partner also does the same thing – it means both of you start staying away from each other. You need to work on the issue fast, or your marriage will crumble before you even realize it.

You Can’t Save Marriage Alone

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The second sign is when one side doesn’t want to try fixing the broken marriage.

There are lots of things that can happen in a marriage – both good and bad – but when one side has committed to do everything to fix the issue, but the other side refuses to try, the marriage has ended.

It takes two to tango, and one can’t do it on her/his own. No matter how hard they try, one side alone can’t save the marriage. If such a thing continues to happen, it’s time to quit.

No Respect

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The third sign of bad marriage is when there is no respect at all within the relationship. Respect is one major important element in a healthy marriage. How do you suppose to love your partner when there is no respect among the two of you?

Respect makes people civilized, and when there is no respect, it is impossible that married couples will stay civil. It is possible that the discourse involved may be either defending or attacking.

Not A-Team Anymore

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The other sign is that you aren’t a team anymore. A healthy relationship means that both sides will be working together as a team. You should be a team because you will be running all the household chores, parenting, and so many more.

When you have a general idea on one specific matter, and your partner has another idea as well, and finally both of you can’t meet in the middle, then what kind of relationship will you expect?

When both of you start going separate ways, and you don’t even work together even on simple daily basis activities, then your marriage is no longer running well.


bad marriage

In a bad marriage, infidelity has been always an evil root that will poison the relationship, either slowly or fast. Infidelity makes one side feels hurt, and not be able to trust again.

When the unfaithful side decides to keep the ex-lover as a friend, the marriage isn’t healthy anymore. An affair should be ended, so repairs can be done. To gain the trust from the side that is being hurt, the cheating spouse should cut the tie with the ex-lover.

How can you start a relationship with someone, whose intimate friend is still within contact and around? That would be illogical and stupid. If the unfaithful spouse still insists on keeping his/her ex-lover as a friend, it is better to get out of that unhealthy relationship.

No Compromise

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Another sign of bad marriage is the fact that both sides can’t compromise on anything.

A healthy marriage is about fulfilling the partner’s requirements and needs while trying to meet your own. It is about giving and taking, and basically about compromise.

But when one side only wants to take without giving, or your partner doesn’t want to listen or address your needs, your relationship is in danger. When one side doesn’t want to share his/her needs with the others, it is probably best to go separate ways.

No Communication

bad marriage

Another sign of bad marriage is the fact that you’re no longer communicating with your partner.

How do you expect to have a long-lasting marriage when you have never communicated with your partner? How do you know about your partner’s feelings when both of you have never sat and talked about it?

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